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Shop ApexPerformance UK - lze jim plati pres PayPal

Příspěvek od 935Baby » 05.08.2008, 15:40

Prave jsem jim platil pres PayPal takze kdyby jste jim chteli někdy platit tak jejich adresa je:

při platbě je potřeba navýšit částku o 4% o nějaký poplatek ApexPerformance

Berte to pouze informativně, je aby jste vědeli že je možnost plati do ApexPerformance přes PayPal. Takže si předem než budute plati adresu - jejich registraci na PayPalu ověřte.
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Re: Shop ApexPerformance UK - lze jim plati pres PayPal

Příspěvek od DragonART » 24.03.2012, 13:06

Na shopu teď mají výprodejovou akci na Coilovery Tein basic za 578 liber na S13/14. :)

info z mailu.
Want a true fit and forget suspension kit that provides a high quality ride whilst allowing you to lower the vehicle and gain better handling and roll control? The Tein Basic kit might be for you

We have a small batch of Tein Basic coilovers to fit the Subaru Impreza 2000-2007 WRX and STi (excluding 2005-2007 STi), Nissan 200SX S14 and Nissan 200SX S13 to clear at a special price.

This TEIN Basic Coilover Suspension Kit lets you achieve a high quality full coilover system with added performance and comfort, at an entry level price. This TEIN Basic kit uses the same technology and manufacturing processes as TEIN's most sophisticated coilover systems, but at a fraction of the price. All kits are fully height adjustable and have shortened damper casings to accommodate more piston travel at lower ride heights. All TEIN Basic coilover kits use your OEM Top Mounts.

Recommended Ride Height Adjustment is -35 to -55mm on the Front and -5 to -25 mm on the Rear
Available Ride Height Adjustment is -35 to -65mm on the Front and 8 to -35 mm on the Rear

Subaru Impreza kit normally £744 - 17% discount - £617.52
Nissan 200SX S13/S14 normally £708 - 17% discount - £587.64

If Tein isn't for you then we also distribute the excellent value for money kits as well as the absolute best suspension on the market,

Apex Performance Parts
+44 (0)1274 683633
BC Racing, Ohlins, K-Sport Brakes & PPGearbox - Braking Expectations - Superb Coilovers - Road and Track Coilovers - V8 conversion kits for the 200SX Bulletproof Gearboxes
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No letos už snad pojede :D


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